Impressum: H&A Acquisitions and Holdings, LLC is a firm that is wholly owned, operated, and governed by The H&A Brokerage Inc. Any information disseminated to the public by or on behalf of H&A Acquisitions and Holdings LLC is strictly limited to certain employees, elected officers and or those with a majority controlling interest in the firm. Any such declaration, post, dissemination of information, or breach of confidentially made by or on behalf of H&A Acquisitions and Holdings, LLC by any party without express controlling power or interest, or by any party without prior express written authority to release such information will be prosecuted to the full extent of applicable law.

Description: H&A Acquisitions and Holdings represents a fully operational business line working in a unique space in both the primary and secondary markets. Through our active investments in this space we are able to provide local and regional markets with more stability and liquidity of assets. Within the primary market our focus is acquiring residential and commercial properties with the end goal of creating increased value through rehabilitation. Within this space we will also acquire assets in this class for the purpose of stabilization and cash-flow generation. Within the secondary market we act as an institutional investor through our private equity partner relationships. We will acquire portfolios of assets of different classes with no major regional or market preferences. Portfolios can include performing, underperforming, and REO residential and commercial assets. We are also aggressively purchasing note portfolios in the same capacity. While we prefer portfolios to be valued at 100mm or me we will consider smaller portfolios on a case by case basis.

Mission: It is our mission to provide increased stability and liquidity within local and regional real estate markets by taking an active investment role in both the primary and secondary markets.

Founded: 2014 by The H&A Brokerage Inc.

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The H&A Brokerage Inc.
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