Impressum: H&A Capital Group, LLC is a firm that is wholly owned, operated, and governed by The H&A Brokerage Inc. Any information disseminated to the public by or on behalf of H&A Capital Group, LLC is strictly limited to certain employees, elected officers and or those with a majority controlling interest in the firm. Any such declaration, post, dissemination of information, or breach of confidentially made by or on behalf of H&A Capital Group, LLC by any party without express controlling power or interest, or by any party without prior express written authority to release such information will be prosecuted to the full extent of applicable law.

H&A Capital Group, LLC represents a fully operational business line that works with small businesses, small to large cap institutional investors, and global private equity partners to raise capital and secure JV equity funding partnerships for a diverse range of projects worldwide. We confidently operate in many regional markets domestically and internationally irrespective of industry type with our select group of partners. Consequently we pride ourselves in our capabilities that afford us opportunities to work directly with our clients on a virtually limitless number of unique projects. Strategic partnerships furthermore allow us to work with clients in possession of many types of assets both liquid and illiquid for the purpose to monetize on our partners’ trade platforms.

Mission: Our mission is to assess and effectively provide the specific capital solutions as designated by our private and institutional clients.

Founded: 2014 by The H&A Brokerage Inc.

(917) 863-8595

40 Wall Street, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10005

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