H&A Brokerage Inc. is dedicated to growing the strength of the local economies of the domestic and international markets that it operates in. We know the invaluable benefits of a strong business community in any region. Small businesses along with key anchor institutions and private individuals are charged with the responsibility of growing their communities through hiring, training, educating, tax revenue generation, and much more. Our firm, as a small business, is dedicated to acting on those expectations, and part of our contribution to those competencies includes providing local employment opportunities. We currently have the following position(s) open and encourage qualified candidates to apply. All interested candidates should submit a full resume, bio, and cover letter to Info@TheHABrokerage.com

The Business Development Manager Job Description should read as follows: “Strong BDM candidates must have a masterful command on networking in addition to possessing a strong aptitude for developing and managing strategic relationships and partnerships. Qualified candidates must have a comprehensive knowledge of upper level banking and finance and have the ability to interpret and communicate complex data sets to fellow management and clients with acute attention to detail. Candidates must be able to competently apply their subject knowledge in these areas when working with clients and firms. The ability to independently build, structure, and offer competitively priced transactions quickly without sacrificing detail and accuracy is paramount. Managers must have a deep understanding of the intricacies of private equity funding, JV partnerships, M&A deals, and the dynamic effects that both regional and international market changes and conditions have on their clients and relative transactions.
Business Development Managers should possess strong business acumen and must be able to apply that knowledge by and on behalf of both the firm and the client in order to execute and develop transactions that simultaneously increase the profitability of all interested parties. Competent applicants typically have 2+ years of experience working in a managerial or principal capacity at their firms. Such positions and capacities can be found among licensed or professionally commissioned individuals permitted to conduct business in capacities that include but are not limited to; real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, federal bankers, financial advisors, attorneys, securities brokers, etc. While we do not require retention of such licenses to become an BDM, we have found that successful candidates posses a skill set, knowledge, and experience acquired as a direct result of the retention of such licenses and consistence practice of the activities that go with them.

Our managers actively engage and develop relationships with potential clients that are seeking large cap equity partners for transactions that transverse a plethora of potentially complex corporate initiatives globally. Managers are also charged with sourcing potential equitable projects requiring the allocation of our firm’s capital, and or the private placement of capital by and on behalf of our affiliate private equity partners.

Managers can be expected to travel subject to the needs of individual clients and transactions. Such instances are made at the discretion of the firm. Due to the highly autonomous nature of the requirements of this position, managers must be phenomenal communicators. Our managers represent a crucial link between our private equity partners, affiliates, investors, and clients. Therefore managers much always embody the ethos of the firm whilst running and developing their practices under the guidance of The H&A Brokerage Inc.”

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