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The H&A Brokerage Inc., through its private capital group [H&A Capital Group, LLC], actively engages directly with private investors and principal institutions that have a desire to allocate their capital funds in a variety of ways. Our capital group routinely has access to private placement programs, off market transactions, joint venture opportunities, and M&A deals. These types of programs take place across a diverse range of industries and market regions globally. Furthermore the aforementioned programs are typically reserved for our most select and seasoned clients. Interested private equity partners are required to work very closely with our firm on projects that they have committed their involvement on. These projects typically fall inside the mid – ultra high market cap value range starting at 25mm. Smaller projects within the 2 – 24.9mm range will be considered on a case by case basis subject to our executive management’s discretion.

While our capital funding interests and their associated projects are not typically limited by type or location, we retain the exclusive right to work on specific projects within market regions and or sovereign nations that fit within the predetermined constraints of our corporate risk tolerances. Our private equity partners will never be required to meet any project or funding quotas whatsoever. We simply pride ourselves in our ability to afford our partners with equitable opportunities with which they have the exclusive option to partner with our firm on. While private equity partners retain the discretion whether or not to take part in any of our proposed projects, we also retain the sole executive discretion to approve or deny involvement of any such partner in any project subject to the findings of our pre-screening process. To protect the shared interests of our firm and our valued clients and the relationships held therein, it is our corporate policy to use a comprehensive screening method that we believe effectively mitigates potential risks and losses including but not limited to; time, inadequate funding, corporate relationships, and or any other potential associated risks and losses that can occur with such programs and projects offered. All interested private equity entities should fill out the fields below so that we can contact you. Interested parties can also contact us at to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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