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 The H&A Brokerage Inc. is a full service global private equity brokerage firm providing our clients with timely, reliable, and expert service with the end goal of securing proper equity funding to meet our clients’ needs.  With four separate operating groups under our direct control, we are able to provide undivided service, in a wide range of areas, subject to the type of transaction and or specific need of the client.   Our team continually finds success by matching progressive and concierge style funding solutions with relevant and current market trends; ultimately affording our clients the unique advantages a competitive edge.  We are dedicated to serving our diverse domestic and international market regions and their respective individual local economies through the monetary support of private investors, companies, and institutions alike.  Our firm is confidently able to provide solutions to clients operating in over 50 different industries worldwide.  We have retained a solid experience filled network of advisors and have developed a wealth of strategic relationships across the breadth of these respective worldwide industries.  This in turn is a valuable factor allowing us to provide a consistently high level of relevant service to our diverse clientele group.  It is our steadfast belief that proper education and advice are two of the most powerful tools used to gain fiscal traction and to competently manage a firm that is profitable and ultimately sustainable.  Consequently we offer comprehensive fee based consultative services to our clients that require professional assistance with structuring transactions, sourcing funding, and other key developmental needs.  We work hard, are friendly, and will go the extra mile because our first and foremost priority is the success and fiscal development of our clients.

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