We recognize that there are many unique ways that can add value to our clients and their respective firms. We confidently can provide a wide range of consultative solutions to clients that recognize the invaluable benefits that can be realized as a result of gaining access to timely and relevant information in the form on private consultation. We furthermore pride ourselves in our ability to deliver comprehensive service in a cost effective manner. While some firms bill on an hourly platform, we find that we can more effectively add value through our independent fee based platform. Call or email us to schedule your consultation today with one of our specialists.
We have the unique ability to partner with clients and firms on a transactional basis. When we structure our deals and raise capital on behalf of the client, we more often than not, will partner jointly until the consummation of the deal.
We have a strong appetite for note portfolios of all descriptions. We are experienced and well capitalized with respect to this and will work aggressively to acquire these assets.